Lucia Mannini (m fl redaktörer): Divine Beauty. From Van Gogh and Chagall to Fontana

Boken gavs ut i samband med utställningen Divine Beauty from Van Gogh and Chagall to Fontana i Florens tidigare i år.

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Ur förordet av Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, President of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation:

"There was no general awareness of sacred art production from the second half of the nineteenth century until the mid-twentieth century although it was remarkably lively, reflecting the contradictions and turmoil of a dynamic and tragic period. The Divine Beauty, From Van Gogh and Chagall to Fontana exhibition offers a broad overview of this period, focusing on an international vision, providing an extraordinary opportunity for comparing very famous works to those by Masters who are less renowned today. The presence of artists such as Munch (educated as a Protestant) and Chagall (of Jewish faith), allows us to confront ´Divine Beauty´ through the great themes that have always vivified religiosity as a whole - not only Catholics. Artistic expressions that have stirred up a scandal, such as the Madonna by Munch or Guttuso´s Crucifixion, are flanked by other more traditional works of art, such as Millet´s Angelus that skilfully personifies the idea of prayer itself in the collective imagination."


Inbundet praktverk. 
Boken är slösande rikt illustrerad.

Boktitel: Divine Beauty. From Van Gogh and Chagall and Fontana
Bokförlag: Marsilio
Redaktörer: Lucia Mannini, Anna Mazzanti, Ludovia Sebregondi, Carlo Sisi