Helen K. Bond & Larry W. Hurtado (eds.): Peter in Early Christianity

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Cover art: Early Christian graffito of Saint Peter, 1st century A.D., Museo Nazionale Paleocristiano, Italy. /©Stefano Bianchietti/Corbis


A fresh scholarly look at the apostle Peter and his significance in the early church and beyond

Long overshadowed by the apostle Paul, Peter has received increased scholarly attention of late. Building on that resurgence of interest, nineteen internationally prominent scholars of early Christian history examine and reassess the historical Peter and his significance, offering a comprehensive view of Peter through analysis both of New Testament texts and of noncanonical literature.

Sean A. Adams, Timothy D. Barnes, Markus Bockmuehl, Helen K. Bond, Finn Damgaard, Paul Foster, Seán Freyne, Paul A. Hartog, Larry W. Hurtado, Peter Lampe, Jonathan W. Lo, John R. Markley, Tobias Nicklas, Matthew V. Novenson, Paul Parvis, William Rutherford, Todd D. Still, Jason S. Sturdevant, Margaret H. Williams 

Boktitel: Peter in Early Christianity
Redaktörer: Helen K. Bond & Larry W. Hurtado
Bokförlag: WM.B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

"This rich collection of essays makes a significant contribution to the growing interest in the 'after-life' as well as the 'real life' of the founding figures of the Jesus movement and of early Christianity. The breadth of topics and the variety of scholarly perspectives hint at the lively conversations that lie behind the essays. Readers will find here much stimulation to probe further into the figure of Peter."
Judith Lieu

— University of Cambridge