Tio i topp i januari. Militaria

1) Sami Moubayed:
Under the Black Flag. At the Frontier of the New Jihad
2) Andrew Lownie:
Stalin´s Englishman. The Lives of Guy Burgess
3) Anthony Beevor:
Ardennes 1944. Hitler´s Last Gamble
4) Debi Unger, Irwin Unger with Stanley Hirshson:
George Marshall
. A Biography
5) Roger Moorhouse:
The Devil´s Alliance. Hitler´s Pact with Stalin
6) Christopher Clark:
The Sleepwalkers. How Europe Went to War in 1914
7) Mark Urban:
The Edge. Is the Military Dominance of the West Coming to an End?

8) Miyamoto Musashi
Fem ringars bok

9) Mitchel Zuckoff:
13 hours. The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi
10) Pierre Razoux, Nicholas Elliott:
The Iran-Iraq War