Jennifer Jacquet: Is Shame Necessary? New Uses for an Old Tool

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A trenchant case for the use of public shaming as a nonviolent form of resistance, Is Shame Necessary? explores how one of society’s oldest tools can be used to promote large-scale political change and social reform. Examining how we can retrofit the art of shaming for the age of social media, Jennifer Jacquet shows that we can challenge corporations and even governments to change policies and behaviors that are detrimental to the environment. Urgent and illuminating, Is Shame Necessary? offers an entirely new understanding of how shame, when applied in the right way and at the right time, has the capacity to keep us from failing our planet and, ultimately, from failing ourselves.

Boktitel: Is Shame Necessary? New Uses for an Old Tool
Författare: Jennifer Jacquet
Bokförlag: Vintage

Jennifer Jacquet is an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Studies at New York University and recipient of an Alfred P. Sloan fellowship. She works at the intersection of conservation and cooperation, focusing on the human dimensions of large-scale social dilemmas, such as overfishing and climate change. She lives in New York.