Chris Schoeman: Churchill´s South Africa. Travels During the Anglo-Boer War

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In October 1899, the twenty-four-year-old Winston Churchill sailed for South Africa as war correspondent for the Morning Post to report on the Anglo-Boer War. When he returned the following year, it was as a military celebrity.

This book follows Churchill’s footsteps across South Africa and gives his impressions of the places he visited, the landscapes he saw, the people he encountered and the events he was involved in. Churchill’s South Africa covers the future statesman’s travels across the Great Karoo and through the green hills of Natal, his capture by the Boers, his escape to Delagoa Bay and his triumphant return to the Natal front as an officer in the South African Light Horse. It recreates the drama of the Battle of Spioen Kop and the relief of Ladysmith, and describes Churchill’s experiences during the British advance through the Free State and the Transvaal, before returning to England as a Boer War hero.

Enlivened with photographs and with quotations from Churchill’s pen, this beautifully produced volume documents the travels of a key historical figure in South Africa at a critical time in its history. 

Boktitel: Churchill´s South Africa. Travels During the Anglo-Boer War
Författare: Chris Schoeman
Bokförlag: Zebra Press